Invitation: Cloud Consumption Roundtable

Campaign for Clear Licensing – Code of Conduct for Cloud Computing

In 2014 the Campaign for Clear Licensing published a Software Audit Code of Conduct. This was an ITAM community effort, co-written by industry practitioners. It’s intended use was that if a customer must face an audit, the code of conduct would help them shape the rules of engagement. Software Audit Code of Conduct V1.0

I would like to create a similar code of conduct or industry guidelines around cloud consumption:

So if an organisation wishes to explore either SaaS, PaaS or IaaS – then there are some independent guidelines to help them manage cost and risk. For example – Mr Vendor, if I’m going to sign – I want to exercise the following rights and have access to the following information to manage my cost and risk. 

Phase two would be to assess which cloud providers are meeting or breaching these guidelines.

  • Who: Campaign for Clear Licensing
  • What: Cloud consumption roundtable, agenda and directions send via email
  • Where: Central London (In between Liverpool Street and Aldgate tubes)
  • When: Thursday 21st March, 2.30 for 3pm start until 5.30pm, followed by drinks and networking
  • How: RSVP

Thanks, Martin


TmaxSoft – The first software publisher to adhere to the CCL Code of Conduct

TmaxSoft’s Tibero RDBMS licensing model is the first software publisher to be verified by the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL).

TmaxSoft’s licensing program is clear and easy to understand and TmaxSoft have amended their terms and conditions to adhere to the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) audit code of conduct.

TmaxSoft – and specifically its Oracle-compatible database Tibero – is the first software publisher to sign up to our Audit Code of Conduct and gain license verification.

We’re delighted to announce this world first and proud to shine a light on software publishers who recognize the competitive edge delivered by clear license programs.

To read the complete assessment of Tibero’s license model see the link below: